rYOne i wan to buy laptop which can run and play bf3 kindly list all the laptops in your knowlwdge.. cheaper or costly but not more than 1700 $
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  1. at 1700$ you can buy a laptop with a HD 7970m, which is approximately as strong as a GTX 570 desktop gpu(enough to play battlefield 3 at 1920x1080 with pretty good settings)

    laptops that can have the 7970m are:

    Sager NP9150/Clevo P150EM(15 inch)
    Sager NP9170/Clevo P170EM(17 Inch)
    Alienware M17x(slightly above budget though)

    edit: if you want a 17 inch model, buy the sager np9170 here

    the main configurations you want are changing the gpu to the 7970m, and adding windows home premium, which will bring the total near 1600, then you can do what you want with the rest.
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