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I have a Toshiba satillite L305. As soon as I turn it on now it give me the option to press F2 or F12, then it goes to a blue password screen. How do I get pass the password screen. I never set up a password for the start up of the lap top I should only have a windows log in password, but it wont get to that screen. Also. I've tried pressing the F2 and F12 buttons when prompted and nothing happens. It still just goes to that blue password screen. Also tried inserting a windows back up disk and that doesnt work either. Any other helpful hints would be grateful.
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  1. If you bought it new and you never went into the BIOS to setup a boot up password, then someone (friend / family) has played a dirty trick on you. Unless you can track that person down and have him/her give you the password you are more or less screwed.

    Your only option at this point is to call Toshiba's customer support for help. Once they can verify you are the owner of the laptop they should be able to help you out. It would likely involve you shipping the laptop to one of their service centers and some type of service fee.
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