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Hello,I have a vga cable connected between my windows 7 laptop to my tv. When my computer boots up I can see it booting up on the tv. However, once it gets to windows 7, I cannot see it on tv. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. More info: During bootup my laptop is black and I can see it booting up on the tv. When it gets to asking for my password, the laptop lights up and I lose the picture on the tv. The tv is a 40-inch plasma Maxent (has Samsung parts inside of it); the laptop is a toshiba.
  2. You're not doing anything wrong, that's normal when tv is left plugged in.
    Once you log in to use the tv, switch to the tv. This setting is lost when you shut down.
    I had the same thing when I was using my older lcd monitor connected to the vga port. When I got my Samsung lcd tv I was using the digital connector with a vga adaptor to connect it.
    Now I have a new monitor with a lead that has a digital connector, it's connected to the digital connection and the tv to the vga where the old monitor was, problem solved.
    You can't do that swap with a laptop, so I think you're stuck with it.
    This is a desktop.
  3. Thanks for replying. The thing I had to do in my case is lower the resolution. Now, it automatically goes to the proper mode immediately when I hook up the vga to the tv. I had all the connections proper, but with the higher resolution the tv refused to acknowledge my laptop.
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