BFG 6800 GT - worth the extra $$?

I hear that the BFG 6800 GT has been OCed and has warranty on it, but the lowest I can find it on pricewatch is $460. XFX and PNY both have 6800 GTs for around $400 on pricewatch. But then I heard someone got a PNY 6800 GT for $345... so whats the deal? I am on a budget and looking for the best bang for the buck (with the GT). Are the PNY / XFX cards good cards? Is the BFG worth the extra? And where can I find a cheaper deal, ie the 6800 GT 256mb for $350-ish?

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--- Also: if you were to go with either the PNY of XFX brand, which would you choose and why? ---
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  1. sorry, but... bump?
  2. Try <A HREF="" target="_new">Best Buy - 6800 GT OC</A>.
    They have it for $400. It's made by BFG Tech, which give their cards lifetime warranty and support.

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  3. though its sold out...and maybe thats y they reduced the attract customers...for pre orders...back orders...etc.

    in anycase...$60 more BFG takes can be for their service, and OC gaurantee.

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