NForce2 or Ti4600?

I have a A7n8X-E Deluxe motherboard and was thinking about getting a Nvidia TI4600 video card from a friend. Is it worth it or should I just stay with the NForce 2 built in the motherboard>?
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  1. screw built-in video. I'd say if you know enough about about computers to actually know what a Ti4600 IS, then it's worth getting one over onboard... how much does he want you to pay fer it?

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  2. Ti-4600 is a great card. Its only real drawback is that it is only DirectX8. I played Doom3 in 800x600 at High Quality with a TI-4600. How much does he want for it, hopefully $50 or less.

    Built in video is pretty much horrible, it has its uses, but the TI-4600 would be far superior, and would help speed up your entire system.

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  3. To tell with on-board. Get that ti4600

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  4. I guess I will pick up the 4600 for $40.00. Thanks for the info. I have never intended or has used on board sound or video, but I thought I would ask. Thanks
  5. Actually, for a lot of people, onboard sound isn't insufficient. Well, it's mosdef better than onboard video.

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  6. Onboard with NF7-S is great..

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