Laptop won't shut down

Hey, 17 yr PC-geek here. Not really too good, but know enough...
Well here's the deal -my Acer Aspire won't shut down.

Whether i put it in sleep, rest or shut down, it goes through the whole process all the way to completely off. Then by some unwanted miracle, it starts up again after a few seconds, just like the TV's in The Ring.

I have even made a new clean install of windows now, format and everything, and now with no programs installed (except for windows, ofc..) it's the exact same problem.

Can anyone please help me? :D

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  1. This was btw supposed to be a question-topic, not a discussion, dammit :P
    (says im not allowed to edit it)
    btw, it works to hold down the power-button for a few seconds, but afaik that's not healthy for the PC?
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