geforce fx 5200go overheat(??) problem

i own a mobile geforce fx 5200 go gpu on my notebook

when i run some graphics-intensive game (like doom3 or farcry) just after i started my computer after couple of hours of standby, i get a descent gameplay (50-60fps) for about two minutes maximum.
then framerate drops to 15-20 or even 7-8. restarting the game and/or computer didn't give any results, framerate stays low.

only if i turn off the computer and let it "cool down" for couple of hours, i then get 50-60 fps again but for only one or two minutes. then the fps drops down again.

640x480, lowquality
i get about 20fps +-5 at main menu in doom3.

(pentium M 1.3ghz, 1gb ram, 40gb hdd)
installed 61.77 detonator driver
'powermizer' set to 'maximum performance'

i think gpu thinks its too hot and drops speed.
is there a way to turn off this 'feature' or some other workaround?

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  1. What are your GPU temps exactly. If your card has monitoring hardware, RivaTuner will tell you your temps. You notebook, really isn't capable of handling stuff like Doom3 and FarCry. I have a AMD 64-bit 3000+ chip, with a GeForce video, and for new games like Doom3 and FarCry, it just isn't up to par, to play at high frame rates, especially at high resolutions.

    Generally on laptops these throttling features, are pretty much built in, like Cool'N'Quiet for the CPU, so far I have only been able to temporarily disable it, not completely turn it off.

    Do you have your laptop spaced up on top of something, so it can properly breath? I ended up having to make a stand for mine, as I have a wide screen, and could not find a notebook cooler that was wide enough.

    Just keep in mind that notebooks, just don't have the power of desktops, so don't expect the FPS that a desktop can do.

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  2. >What are your GPU temps exactly.
    well, i can't tell. tried to get temperature from rivatuner, coolbits2 and ThermLog. thermlog said gpu doesnt have a thermo sensor. others just didnt show temperature at all.

    i know my notebook isnt fast to run at big resolutions and stuff. but showing 15-20 at lowquality, 640x480 at doom3 menu shows thats something is wrong in my system.

    also why games run FAST at start then drop framerate?
    if they just dropped it at start and didnt show they can run faster - i would agree that my machine is just slow..

    notebook is standing on a table, plugged in. room is conditioned <26 C.
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