How do you hook up video card to power supply?

I understand some video cards need to be hooked up directly to the power supply through the same type of connectors that are used to power HD and CD drives. Could someone tell me how this is done?

I am about to buy a 9800 Pro. Where does it connect on the card? Do the connection cables come with the card?
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  1. Your card manual should give that.

    See page 12 (page 7 index wise) of <A HREF="" target="_new">this pdf</A>.

    OPTIONAL: Dont use the power connector that says FAN only (u might not have this, but dome PSUs do have)

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  2. it's very easy. there's a simple plug deal on the very end of the card and you just plug it in like you would a hard drive or whatnot. i think my 9800 even came with a y-splitter, too. obviously you have a lower-end card than the 9800. if i were you, based on my experiences with my x800, i would get that instead if you can throw out the extra $100. it's worth it to those who don't already have the 9800.
  3. Thanks guys. You have perfectly answered my questions. It is clear now.
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