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I have a chance to trade for a 256mb 5950 Ultra. I've never seen one run. Is this card good and what does it compare too? Hopefully, somebody out there has one. TIA

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  1. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> is the mid range card comparison w.r.t. Doom 3.

    If you notice 9800XT beats it by a margin and it defeats 9800 Pro by a margin.

    Seeing Valve gmaes will run faster on ATI, you might wanto consider ATi stuff.

    Thats the non-ultra ultra ~ 9800XT

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  2. its better than a 9800Pro and worst (in almost every cases) thana 9800Xt. Its a good card for Doom 3. And with the HL2 problem almost solved it will be a good card for that game to.

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  3. No way. How soon people forget the FX woes. Keep the R9800 Pro unless D3 is your thing. IQ on the Radeons is generally better, and in some cases much better. Also, Look at this link and see that in HL2, the FX5950 default to DX8.1 in HL2 so far, and couldn't even be forced to run DX9. (read the conclusion if you just skim the review)

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Anyway, I'd never trade my R9800 pro for an FX5950U. No way. But I'd trade it and a R9500 Pro for a 6800GT though.

    EDIT: afterthought, the only thing the 5950U offers IMO, is a higher resale value. So IF you are going to ebay it and buy a nex gen card soon, then the trade might well be worth the hassle.

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