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I am a big gamer, as so I need(and want) the best video card for games. Recently I have been hearing alot about OpenGL cards that use OpenGL 2.0 and how they are used for high end graphics such as video editing, CAD, etc. For example ATI's X800 XT and ATI's Fire GL V7100 use the same chipset, so whats the major difference between them. I guess my question is, would it be worth to pay the $1,100 or so for a video card that uses the OpenGL 2.0 like the Fire GL's or just stick with the standard video cards like the X800 for gaming?
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  1. Like you said, FireGL are for Video editing, amoung other things. I do a lot of video editing, and the new cards are PCIe, with having that, the speed for rendering new objects, and using open GL 2.0, will make it FLY. If the games that you play utilize the graphic cards functions, then it would make a huge difference in gaming. Most $1000 editing programs that film makers have use these card functions. I'm not sure but, many games won't use all of the cards functions.
    The card isn't worth the money if you are only going to use it for gaming.

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  2. The gaming cards tend to be faster in games, the professional cards a bit faster in 3D modelling, and it's all due to driver optimizations. The approval process for professional graphics drivers is far more rigorous than that of game cards, which is one reason they can charge so much more.

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