Adding ram to laptop

i have an asus x53ta laptop

does opening it to add ram voids warranty
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  1. Specs say it's expandable to 8GB of memory, so it appears they have no problem with adding RAM. Most maunfacturers allow upgrades.
  2. If theres no seal when you try to open the ram slot(saying something about warranty voids if broken), then you can upgrade.
  3. How much RAM do you have now? What OS are you running? 32-bit OS's only allow a max of around 3.75GB to be used and 64-bit OS's don't have that limitation.
  4. 2gb ram
    windows 7 32bit

    i am having terrible lag with skyrim
    even on low settings

    closing all firefox windows helps
    and speed becomes great even on high but still loading takes lot of time

    so i thought improving ram might help

    my processor is a6 3400m
    gpu 6720g2
  5. SSD would do more for reducing loading times, but RAM will help.
  6. Because you only have Windows 7 32-bit I recommend a maximum of 4GB of RAM installed. Win 32-bit OSes can only recognize about 3.25GB - 3.5GB of physical RAM even if you install a total of 8GB, 16GB or more...

    In order for the laptop (or any PC) to recognize the full 4GB of RAM (or more) you will need a 64-bit OS like Win 7 64-bit. I believe Win 7 64-bit can recognize up to 192GB of RAM.
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