BFG 6800GT OC or BFG 6800 OC

I was just wondering if anyone has an opinion on wether the 6800GT is worth ~$100 more than the non GT Both are BFG OC models. Is the cost difference just because the GT has 256mb vs 128mb for the non, or are there other differences that will affect speed?

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  1. well the OC in the nu doesnt compensate for the 4 missing pipes unless there is some way to unloack it ourselves. But then again BFGs are already OCed and I personally wouldnt want to tweak them more. So I guess the GT would be a better choice. Let some Nvidia guy answer this for you, he might have a diff and better opinion. I use ATI.

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  2. If you can afford the extra $100 then yes it's worth going to the GT. The 6800 GT is the best value in the high end cards right now IMO and in alot of "experts" opinion.
  3. The 6800GT is probably your best bet right now. I personally bought the 6800 nu. The new version of RivaTuner is supposed to be able to unlock the last 4 pipes on the 6800 nu, but this only happens with some manufacturers. The GT obvisuly has more potential than the 6800, but the 6800 is also still an incredible card. If you wait to see which manufacturers can unlock those last 4 pipes, you can essentially get a 6800 GT for a 6800 price.

    If you have an extra $100 bucks in your budget, the 6800 GT is the way to go, if you are working on a tigther budget (like me), the 6800 isn't a bad card.

    In the end, its your $100 bucks, its a better card, is having a better card worth $100 bucks to you?

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  4. Thanks.. I went with the GT.. I have always been an ATI man .. but.. this card looks good..
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