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How to remove laptop battery?!!

My question sounds a little strange doesn't it?!! I have bought a Battery For HP Pavilion DV4-2000 two months ago. I just don't know how to remove the battery from the laptop! Sounds crazy, I am using HP laptop for 5 years but I couldn't figure out how the hell should I take the battery off for this new guy! Would anyone please tell me what to do. If you know how to do it, please show it with a picture or something, or introduce a website or video or something.
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    Slide the latch on the bottom to eject it. Rad the manual if you can't find it.

    Seeing as how lithium batteries can explode I wouldn't use a $15 from some place called brainydeals
  2. And don't be afraid of googling make+model+what-you-want - we all use this alot to very good effect e.g. finding manuals.
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  4. how about your battery ? I bought one DELL Vostro V13 Battery on and I find yours is much cheaper than mine .How it happened !!
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