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Hey i was wondering if i could get some help,i have an msi m675 laptop and it's been working fine i watched a movie on it one night and the next day i go to turn it on and it doesn't want to turn on.The fan is spinning but the screen is black no beeps no notthing,the only thing i see on is the Power light and the Hard drive light which are both solid.
I tried resitting the ram,cpu,hard drive,removing the cmos battery for 20 seconds,holding the power for 30 seconds,connecting it to an external monitor still notthing.i dont understand what went wrong
Can anybody help me out please?
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  1. Do you see any BIOS messages (or anything at all) during boot?

    Does the laptop have another video output port (e.g. at the back) - try plugging in a monitor here (assuming you don't have to select this in the BIOS).
  2. i tired that,still notthing
  3. Try booting without the laptop battery in the laptop. Also make sure that you do not have anything external hooked-up: no mouse, keyboard, or anything else plugged-into the laptop, except the power cord.

    The fact that you state that the HDD light stays on, worries me.
  4. im doing exactly that since y laptop battery needs to be replaced i've been running it on the ac at home.still no go
  5. how many sticks of ram does it have?
  6. about 2 sticks 1gb each.i tried alternating them on different slots of the laptop i've even tried them one at a time but no go still
  7. Being that you can't see any post messages or anything when booting up, I would take it to someone's house (easy since it is a laptop) and hook it up to someone else's monitor, as someone else suggested above.
  8. ok i tried to bring it to a friends house this morning and plug it into his monitor but notthing shows up still and the light on his monitor turns orange
  9. okay, I just thought of something simple but I doubt that it will work, but hey.

    Your laptop should have a fn key and keyboard combo to toggle through different display modes.

    A common one is to hold the Fn key down, and then press the F4 (or some other function key). There are usually about 3 or 4 display modes to toggle through. It may be the Fn key and F6 key (usually shows a sort of monitor icon on the key).
  10. just tried it this momment,it's still not responding this is annoying :pfff:

  11. what happens when you try turning it on while you have the hard drive disconnected?
  12. i tried without the hard drive,it still wont do anything
  13. The only thing that I can think of is that it is a bad motherboard. :(
  14. this not too worried though cause i got this laptop from sombody the gpu was overheating alot up to 65c even though i cleaned out the dust and had a fan running next to it,im guessing thats what failed.
    guess i'll save up and buy something newer :sweat:
  15. Well hopefully you "got" for free, or at least not for much.

    Sometimes if you let them sit awhile they'll fire back up (turn on).
  16. did you try the person's comment from above? "Does the laptop have another video output port (e.g. at the back) - try plugging in a monitor here (assuming you don't have to select this in the BIOS). "

    Basically, does the laptop have a VGA, HDMI, DVI ports that you can also try?
  17. it just has a dvi port
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