I have a hp Laptop DV7-6B55DX, The Specks. shows it to have a Super Multi DVD Burner TS L633R as the optical drive. It also showes up in My Drive Properties. BUT, I PHYSICALLY HAVE A BLU RAY DRIVE. I verified this by the drive cover branded with Blu- Ray Disc and Logo, and the Laser Light being Blue rather than red, additionally seeing a Lightscribe sensor. After Hours on Phone with HP they say I dont have Blu Ray (because the Specks. say it is not so). Had a Case Mgr telling me that the Laptop was Modified by someone, and it did not come from the factory with it. I bought it at BB Factory Sealed. It also went to HP Repair for an un related problem and they verified that the Laptop was never Modified.

So, the Drive will not play Blu Ray Disks. Windows does not reconize it on the drive. I have looked everywhere do not even know how to get a driver/firmware to make it work since, after looking everywhere for a driver and or Fermware to get it work, Additionally, I do not know what the Blu Ray drive really is.
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  1. That is definitely not a Blu Ray device. Just because the bezel cover may indicate it is, the device is not detected by the computer that way. If you paid for a Blu Ray device, then return/exchange the unit for another one.

    There is NO WAY to make that drive Blu Ray compatible. Sorry.
  2. Thank your reply,
    However, you may missed where I stated that the Laser is BLUE (not clear or red) in addition to the Bezel.
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    I saw that and it is not relevant. The device is clearly a DVD-RW device. Sorry, but you don't have a Blu Ray device.
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