MSI laptop won't show 1920x1080 resolution on Acer 23in Led monitor

Just as it states. Its a MSI A6200. Intel i3 350m. Integrated Graphics. I bought the monitor yesterday, because it was insanely cheap, only $106! But when I try to put the monitor at 1920x1080, it is centered in the middle of screen, and there are black blocks on either side of it. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. I am going to guess you are using HDMI?

    Look in the Intel video control panel for the OVERSCAN or Scaling option(forget what Intel calls it, but they have one).

    That will let you fix it right up.


    I Google'd you an image.

  2. Using VGA, no HDMI on the monitor.

    Would I still be able to use the scaling option?
  3. I am not sure, my Intel graphics card had only been used on DVI/HDMI.

    Check for the option(AMD and Nvidia had it).

    BUT..Try this first.

    Most VGA screens have adjustments you can access in the menu. Look for an Auto button on the screen, with VGA that normally self adjusts it for you.

    What screen is it.
  4. I figured out how to do it, and got that fixed. I had to change the clock, which coincidentally has nothing to do with time.

    Now, I have another problem. Looking on my taskbar, my icons in Windows 7 have a ghosting effect. Like, I see the icon, and then behind it is a blurred part that reaches out past the right. It does it everywhere on the screen. What could that be?

    Oh, and the screen is the S231HL
  5. That is normally a cable issue. It is more common of higher resolution analog video if the cable is not too good.

    Strange thing, I have not seen that issue in a while(I even use VGA @ 1920 x 1200 daily).

    Do you have a cable to test with? Have you give HDMI a try since you seem to have it on both?
  6. There's no HDMI on my Acer model, they have two S231HL model, mine has VGA and DVI. As it is, I'll have to wait on my DVI cable for my new build to come in, and then I can figure it out. I'll assume at the moment that the DPI needs to be boosted, but like I said, can't be sure just yet.
  7. Even with the DPI boosted, the ghosting should not be like that unless the cable is not too good.

    Sure hope the DVI cable gets you set.
  8. Yeah, I checked how much I payed for the VGA cord. Apparently, I bought it from China for $2, so yeah, its shite.
  9. I had a VGA(well 2 of em) cord from a cheap KVM and it was like that... maybe even worse.
  10. Lol, I was broke at the time. While back then, I was using it for watching movies on a tv, so I was farther away and it wasn't noticeable. But yeah, I bought a Link Depot DVI cord off of Newegg, and I'll test it out once my Rosewill power supply shows up next week.
  11. cool, keep us posted.
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