Hp dv4t-5100 vs hp dv6t-7000, which is better?

Hi I can't decide which laptop would be better for me

dv4t http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/load_configuration.do?destination=review&config_id=7387519

dv6t http://www.shopping.hp.com/webapp/shopping/load_configuration.do?destination=review&config_id=7387522

I am going to be using it for school and playing Diablo 3 on high settings. I wasn't going to go for the 2 gb of the 630M for the GPU because I researched that it doesn't make a difference on this low grade graphics card and the 2 gb of 650M was 125 dollars more which I didn't want to spend.
I am curious on which laptop battery would last longer as I chose the same configuration for CPU and GPU but they have different screen sizes for the laptop sand different batteries sizes (6 vs 9) as well. The dv4t also has a smaller hard drive (500 gb 7200 rpm) and has 6 GB system ram compared to the dv6t's hard drive (750 gb 5400 rpm) and has 8 gb system ram. I am also curious if which laptop would have the least amount of problems as my current laptop XPS studio 13 of 3 years is a piece of junk that constantly has horrible problems.
They both cost relatively the same at 700 to 710 dollars.
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  1. Well, the first thing I'd decide is what size laptop you want. The dv4 is 14", the dv6 is 15.6". Based on that, I can answer the 14" will get better battery life due to the smaller screen.
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