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Hello, I have win 7 on my laptop. I have three separate partitions. I want to know if I can install ubuntu as second OS.Will there be any future loading problem with my old win7?
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  1. it should work fine. Ubuntu writes to the MBR and you'll get a selection when you boot up on which OS you want to boot to. Should be fine it worked for me alright.
  2. Use acronis disk director. One of its feature is OS-Manager/selector. It will allow you to select which OS to use. Its menu driven.

    Or ubunto can manage which OS will you use during boot-up (Windows or Ubunto). Ubunto will manage the disk boot manager. Thats the normal process for linux.
  3. Hello mhassani,

    For the actual Windows 7 and XP -Yes you can "multiboot" to Windows XP and Windows 7. *(After installing Windows 7, default Windows 7 is selected and that will be the primary choice for booting to Windows 7).
    See the following detailed instructions on the Microsoft website:
    Essentially, these are the important steps to pay attention to:
    "On the Which type of installation do you want? page, click Custom.
    On the Where do you want to install Windows? page, select the partition or disk where you want to install the new Windows operating system.
    Be sure to install Windows on a different partition from the one where the earlier version of Windows is installed.
    Click Next to begin the installation. You might see a compatibility report."

    Additional information about Multiboot from the Microsoft website:
    Can I have more than one operating system on my computer (multiboot)?

    Let me know if this helps!
    John M.
    Microsoft Windows Client Support
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