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Hello. :) I am looking for a good lightweight gaming laptop since I travel a lot. I really would like it to be less than five pounds and the screen must be about 14-16 inches and of course, good for gaming.

Currently, I am focused at the MSI X460DX-291US since it fits my needs and requirements and is good enough for gaming with a 2GB video card (NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M), an Intel Core i5-2450M 2.5GHz with a max turbo frequency of 3.1GHz, and 6GB DDR3 memory. Also, it is 14" and only weighs 4.3 lbs. I like it a lot. :D Is this laptop good or are there better lightweight gaming laptops that you guys could recommend? :)

MSI X460DX-291US:
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  1. I also just recently saw the Asus U47VC-DS51. Specs are: Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5GHz, 8GB DDR3 memory, and 1 GB video memory (Nvidia Geforce GT 620M). It is also 14.1" and only 4.2lbs.

    I guess the main difference with this one from the X460DX is the video card where the X460 has 2 GB while the U47VC has 1GB. Also the processors but I'm not too keen on the difference since they both are 2.5 GHz. I read from the reviews that the X460 can get really hot so I am starting to eye this laptop as well. Opinions please and or laptops that you could recommend? :D
  2. Here's an interesting one. The screen is a little smaller at 13.3", but it will be a decent gamer for what it is and is super lightweight at 3.35 lbs.

    Here's some other suggestions...

    This one is out of stock currently, but looks pretty dang good...
  3. The U47VC would be a solid choice. The main difference between that and the MSI is the 3rd gen Ivy Bridge cpu which provides 15% more computing power than its Sandy Bridge counter parts as well as providing Intel's HD 4000 on chip graphics which are 15% better than the HD 3000 requiring the computer to have to switch to the dedicated graphics less and help save battery power when not doing major gaming. The Nvidia 620 would also allow you to play many current titles at low to medium settings and many older titles at higher settings. Really it all just depends on what you want to play. If you are just looking to get your WoW on while on the road its a solid choice and a great price.
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