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Looking to get a good gaming laptop. Would like to keep this under 2k. I've been looking at MSI, Alienware, Asus, and IBuyPower. Definitely want the I7 and would prefer to have a 7970m since on all the benchmark tests it outperforms Nvidia. I don't play a lot of high demanding games. Mostly HON, SCII, D3, soon GW2 but want to get something that's going to last a while. I just cant decide between the different brands and would like a few opinions. Would also like a 15.6" screen but that's not must. I know alienwares are over priced but they are one of the few laptops with the 7970m.
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  1. Thanks for the link. I really just want to get something that is going to last a while. I figured why go cheap now and regret it later. I'm about to deploy to Afghanistan so I would like a laptop that will keep up with the desktop I built. Also looking for something with accidental replacement since I am going oversees. I think I'm going to settle for the 670m though since what I play doesn't really require that demanding of card. Is there really that much difference between the 675 and the 670? Ive read the 670 runs on keplar but the 675 is around 20% faster though is this true?

    These are the ones I'm contemplating. And opinions would be awesome.
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