HDD + SSD: Effect on Battery Life/Power Consumption?

So I know its possible for some computers to take out the optical CD/DVD drive and replace it with a SSD drive. I was wondering what effects it has on a laptop's battery life.

I know that when active, an optical drive would use more power than both an SSD and a HDD. Not sure about how often they go idle. But I've read many mixed articles about how much power a SSD actually consumes (some say it consumes more than a regular HDD, some less than a HDD).

So in a laptop, SSD + HDD: positive or negative impact on power consumption?

And a secondary side question: what about hybrid HDD/SSD drives? Better or worse than SSD + HDD?
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  1. the Display and video card (if you have discrete video) is the bulk of the power loss...
  2. Hybrid drives are still working their way up there. the latest 750gb model from seagate are doing fine if you like to see synthetic benchmarks. its still a section in the storage world that is in the works, as only a few companies have picked up the concept, and seagate is the one who has the drives readily available to the market.
  3. Actually I read at it's either the CPU or the screen brightness that consume more of a laptops battery power. But I am really interested in learning is if adding 2 storage drives consumes more power than having a regular HDD and an optical disk drive.

    But if a SSD really only consumes 1 watt, then depending on whether the disk drive is active then it might consume less power than a HDD+disk drive right?
  4. To weigh in on this seeing as I have this exact setup in my laptop. I have noticed no appreciable loss of runtime when having the optical drive and my SSD installed vs swapping the optical drive for an HDD and having the HDD+SSD combo that you are inquiring about. honestly I barely use an optical drive as it is so having mine in an external caddy and plugging it in when needed was a small inconvienience for the combined speed of an SSD along with the traditional storage capacity of an HDD in one machine.
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