wot am i doing wrong?


i set up 2 partitions on my hdd in xp pro. i have tried transferring user profiles across from my main "c" drive to the new data partition "d".
i wanted to transfer "my doc" as well as the desktop and, if possible things like IE favourites etc for each user.

In 1 case i moved "my docs" separately and then went to c\doc&setting\"fred" and moved that to D and intially it seemed fine
in another case [trying to see what worked] i just did it all in 1 go by moving c\docs&setting\"jane" to D and again initially it seemed to work fine and when i transferred between users all the settings seemed to have been moved across okay too.

BUT, when i reboot i find new entries in c\docs&settings for both fred and jane. fred's "my docs" is still mapped to the D drive but all other settings point back to the c drive and for jane there is a new " my docs" folder too in the c drive and on her desktop the my docs properties refers to the new folder and not the 1 that was moved across.

#1 could someone please give me a simple guide how to do this properly and explain what i am doing wrong.
#2 i assume there are things i have to keep on the c-drive to maintain the profiles so what can i move and what has to stay?

many thanks
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  1. many reads but no write [sounds like a problem in itself!]
    someone please....
  2. Don't mess with stuff in the Documennts and Settings folder!
    its all connected with user profiles and individual userid's...

    Results are "UNPREDICITALE" and ya can loose user profiles...

    Just make a new folder(different name) somewhere else and store stuff in it...
    If ya loose a user profile messin around in Docs and Settings - Don't say i didn't warn ya!
  3. okay...i got the feeling my mistake is trying to move the entire profiles rather than selected bits in it so wanted to know what was "safe" to move and how to move the desktops
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