Looking to buy a laptop, is this good? Any suggestions?

Hi everybody, I have had trouble with a laptop at Aarons for some time now, and I am getting a refund for my old laptop there. This money will be most of what I will be using to buy a new laptop.

I am looking for a laptop that can at least play any modern game at low-medium graphics, including something like Battlefield 3, even if it only gets about 30 FPS. I also would strongly prefer if the price was not much over $600. After shopping around some, I have came to this laptop, and Acer Aspire, with an Intel i-5 processor. It has 4 GB of RAM, and an AMD Radeon HD 6650M graphics card. Here is a link to the laptop for a bit more information - http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1798038&SRCCODE=WEBGOOPA&cm_mmc_o=mH4CjC7BBTkwCjCV1-CjCE&gclid=CLyjlYWl17ECFUYCQAodiVwA7g.

The graphics card itself can be found on notebook-check, if anybody wants more information on that.

So, would this laptop be good for what I am looking for? Battery life is not a factor that will really matter for me, and I am fine with its size, I actually prefer the larger laptops. If anybody has any other suggestions for a laptop that might be a better choice, I would love to hear them.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)
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  1. Which one of the 1st two do you think would be the best overall? I see it says the Acer's graphics card runs about the same as the HP's, and the HP has a bit more RAM (hardly a difference, I know), but I do not think I want to buy refurbished. (I also can't get the link for the HP to load at the moment).
  2. That link was taking me to the wrong one, but I found it now by typing it into google. Would that one be a better choice as is? Also, I could change either the processor or graphics card right on HP, and it would up the price to $600. Would it be a better idea to upgrade the processor or graphics card given their options? One more thing, I have been used to a laptop with a 1600x900 resolution, how much of a downgrade is 1366x768?
  3. I'm sorry, my post was unclear. For the 2nd HP, the link didn't come up right so I had to find it myself, just google HP Pavilion dv6z-7000 to find it. From there, in the customization settings, I have my upgrade options for the processor and graphics card. If I only choose to upgrade 1 at a max of $75, would the Radeon 7730M be my best choice? Better than the Acer I am guessing?

    And yes, I am used to 17.3" 1600x900.
  4. I don't see where the coupon is, but thanks for all the help, I'll probably go with that one! Also, I did not know you owned that site, it is pretty cool.
  5. Never mind, your link is working and I see it.
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