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I just bought a replacement battery for a Dell XPS M1710 laptop. The problem is that the computer doesn't want to boot from the battery, but when booting from AC power adapter, and then remove power cord, it works.

Looks weird that the system needs the AC just for starting booting process, and can be unpluggued just after.

When trying to boot from battery, I got a message looking like : The system cannot boot from this battery, remove it or replace it.

Any ideas?

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  1. Sounds like the cells are dying off, and needs to be "kick started" before they can function.. Have you notice a decrease in battery life? Or any message when operating you laptop on battery with things like "You should replace you battery" etc..?
  2. I got this message with my original battery AND the replacement battery I bought. Same power, same cells number.

    My original one is dead, but my new one is working fine but I can't boot from it, only by AC power, once done, I can remove the cord and work on battery. No decreasing noticed.

    I took a look in the bios hoping for a "battery reset option", but nothing.
  3. Try taking out the CMOS battery. and then put it back in and start the computer.
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