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i have a laptop when try to turn it on it stays off but light come on and goes off
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  1. unplug it, pull the battery out and push the power button down for a couple of seconds, and then put the battery back in and see if it powers up.
  2. what's the dell Service Tag? we need a lot more information to help you... like how old is it? how old is the battery? do you have the battery plugged in when trying to start it? do you have the power plugged in when trying to start it? does it start without the battery but power plugged in?
  3. it's a dell vostro 1540 got it last year for my birthday 3km2cr1
  4. Your warranty runs out 10/19/2012. I suggest you contact dell and iron it out with them. OR you can visit their support website and look for a resolution there...
  5. yeah i found out what it was its was the motherboard
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