What is the value of this?

Alienware M11x 1st Gen, bought 3 years ago, still in good working condition.

i5, 4GB DDR3, 333m, 500GB HDD, bluetooth, dynamic backlit keyboard, 5h battery life

I was looking to sell it and wanted a rough estimate. I would be happy with 550.
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  1. Alienware usually have some sort of graphics chip in them, what is yours?
  2. ...Nvidia 333m
  3. I can not find a 333m but they did make a 330m, is that what you meant?
  4. yea that's the one
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    It's not worth $550.

    For $550, you can get something like this:

    Better performance and it is brand new (with warranty).

    You are more likely to get $350-400 for it.
  6. I'd personally pay $300 if its in good condition otherwise $250.
  7. very good to know, i dont want to rip people off... i want something to put towards my eventual upgrade. thank you
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