problem with my leadtek 6800 ultra

I have a leadtek 6800 ultra i just built a new pc. It seems to run fine its just that then when i put in cs and then take it off direct 3d and put it on open Gl the fps drops to 60. There is also a reacuring problem because im always getting some split screen in game. The card also seems to be weird because in the menu there is no option to change between open gl and d3d it just has some thing where u can change the graphics per game. Please if anyone could help me id appreciate it thank you in advance.
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  1. i did get a score of 65k on aquamark3
  2. I don't know your system specs, but I would say if you are scoring 65k in Aquamark3 everything is how it should be.

    What kind of resolutions are you trying to play in?

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  3. i know the thing is my score was good and all but then when i run cs my fps is 60 regardless of what i have on its weird and i did make my max fps 100
  4. It's obviously the game that's limiting the FPS, I wouldn't worry. Vsync? Is it off?

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