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I'm wanting to purchase a laptop. I know as far as desktops go, now adays it's best to build ur own. But when it comes to laptops I dont know what the best plan of action is to purchase one. Like where's the best place to get one for the best price? I'm trying to get a laptop that can handle gaming. So wha I'm trying to figure out is where's the place to browse a selection of laptops? And what's a good brand of laptops? I haven't purchased a laptop in about 10 years and the one I got before was a dell and it went to crap in about a year and a half... I'm not wanting to spend a whole lot. So any help would be great!

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  1. Newegg.com

    I would recommend any laptop by ASUS, Msi, Toshiba, or IMB/Lenovo.
  2. in the laptop world, it depends on budget. its much harder for me to say that ones under 1k$ are actually "gaming" units for a laptop but are still usable to some extent. traditional OEM companies like Lenovo, Asus, HP etc have more models on the lower end of the chain, as your budget goes past 1000, the amount of laptops OEMS decrease as gaming wise, most of them are dominated by either MSI(they only make high end laptops), Sager/Clevo, Dell's Alienware Brand, early gamingish models of lenovo/asus/toshiba laptops and such.
  3. Depends on what your budget is for the laptop. A gaming laptop will run you about $1000 or more.

    If you are going for a gaming laptop. Then you will need a Discreet video card.

    Ivy Bridge makes a great laptop platform base due to the processor using less power.

    Screen size is another consideration. 15" or 17" Bigger Screen costs more.

    As for brand? That a moot point. All of them can be good or bad but I would only recommend ASUS, Dell's Alienware, Sony VAIO or MSI. All 4 offer great support for their products and never had issues getting them repaired.
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