How to trace stolen laptop via serial number

How to trace via serial number
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  1. I take it you did not have any type of tracking software like LoJack installed. No way to track it down. File a police report is about all you can do.
  2. Virtually all machines have a backdoor tracking system built into the BIOS, however, if you did not pay the company (Computrace) to activate it then the only way to track it is through law enforcement and they typically wont do it unless it is a "high value" case.
  3. you can contact dell or hp they put the unit on there stolen unit watch list..if they try and get it repaired or log onto dell or hp web page they flag it. you best bet right now is call and email the local pawn shops...most stolen gear going to end up there or ebay or creglist. what you do need to do is also call the credit card companies and your bank and credit reporting people and put a fraud alert on them...if you used your credit cards on the laptop or put your ss or banking info on the laptop..there going to be able to use the info to get new cards or use your info to order and ship other goods and sink your credit rating if you dont have the alert on. with the alart on if something only pay 50.00 at most. also go in and change your email and all your passwords...there all going to be stored on that laptop.
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