I read from the Inquirer that the All-in-Wonder Radeon X800XT was released today...
Here it is...

AIW X800 XT finally makes debut
Launch today
By Fuad Abazovic in Wien: Thursday 09 September 2004, 00:57

IT WAS ABOUT TIME for ATI to introduce its new flagship All in Wonder card.
We haven't really asked around, but we would expect that the card, called AIW X800XT to be clocked at 500/1000 MHz. We are pretty sure it will have a TV tuner and a nice remote.

ATI rules this market so it was very important for it to keep up the good spirit with the AIW products. It knows that Nvidia doesn’t stand any chance against these products. Itwould like to keep it that way.

We saw that ATI started using small TV tuner boxes in its new cards, much smaller then the one that you can see on Radeon 9800 AIW cards.

You can expect reviews on September ninth afternoon, European times. You can check those for more details in just a few hours. µ


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  1. ATI used a digital tuner on the 8500DV. They went back to analog tuners because they ran cooler (or that was supposed to be the reason at least). The AIW X800XT uses a digital tuner once again, probably to conserve space.

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