USB controller flagged in Device Manager

I just noticed that when I go into the Device Manager of Windows XP Pro, my Other Devices has a question mark on it. If I open it I see a question mark on RAID Controller and Universal Serial Bus Controller. I'm not using RAID, but as far as I can tell, my USB is working fine. If I go a bit deeper it says the drivers aren't installed for the USB device and it gives me the option to reinstall them. Which sadly to say I can't figure out how to do. Where the heck are they on the Windows XP Pro disk? Do I even need to do that?

Here's the pertinent info on my homebuilt system:
Antec 1080 case
ASUS P4P800 Deluxe mobo
Intel 2.8 gig 800 fsb

I have the front USB ports active on my Antec case and they seem to be working when I plug my camera into it. I'm also using a back USB port for my IPAQ cradle. I have the Firewire port on front of the case activated too, but I don't own any Firewire products so I don't know it's working or not.

Any ideas on what gives? Does it need to be fixed?

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  1. I believe USB 2.0 drivers come in XP SP1

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