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x800pro or 6800gt?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
September 11, 2004 5:34:25 PM

i'm planning to build a kickass computer. so what do you guys recommend? ati x800pro or geforce 6800gt? price don't matter as there is very little price difference between these 2. only performance, image quality, and technology (w/c card won't go obsolete soon) matter. i want a rock solid card that can do 1280x1024x32 w/ 8xFSAA, 16xAF and still be running it at 80fps. Hehe. (if that's possible. but u know what i mean).
Another question, what about the cpu? i was planning on getting a p4 3.0e (prescott, 1mb L2 cahce, 800fsb), but then i read somewhere that the x800 and 6800 might be too fast for some cpu's. price matters here, now. my budget is only good for $250. this rig is for gaming, of course.
last question. memory. i had my mind made up on buying 2x512mb ddr400, but then i came across dual channel ddr. jeez. i didnt even know there was such a thing. im light years behind in pc hardware news. anyway,how much are these things anyway? and do they really perform twice as fast as ordinary ddr's in games? or are they just like pci express and 64bit athlon (currently useless, maybe useful in the future)? then there's ddr2. computer stores in my city dont have this yet. w/c would u guys recommend? getting ddr1, dual channel ddr1, or ddr2? budget is only $200.

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September 11, 2004 5:54:00 PM

nvidia and ati both have some advance in some game.
they enhanced the performance in the game
you can select by the game.

I like to build up one of my computer.
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September 11, 2004 6:25:41 PM

Well the x800pro would have been a no-brainer if it wasnt for the driver issues ATI has been plauged with. Nvidia may have the edge right now but that can change instantly if ATI ever resolves their driver issues. Nvidia hardware themselves are a pieces of junk but been getting huge backup from the Forceware drivers.

If you have faith in ATI to resolve this problem then go for the x800pro all the way. However, if you are looking for a quick high then go ahead and get the 6800gt.

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September 11, 2004 6:35:53 PM

with your choices there, thats no way gonna be a "kick ass" system.

<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

This is a kick ass system, hell its not even OCed.

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September 11, 2004 6:51:36 PM

I recently got an eVGA 6800GT. The core easily overclocked to 400MHz (same speed as the Ultra, stock GT is 350MHz), and the RAM to 1100MHz (Ultra level, stock GT is 1000MHz). While there are no guarantees, from reading some boards it seems a lot of people with GT's are able to OC to Ultra levels.

When shopping I took some time considering the technology in the new cards. While the GT has SM 3.0 support, there are not any games that really support it yet. Same thing goes with the normal map compression on the X800 line--neat stuff, but not used yet. Since I got an AGP card SLI was not relevant (and the next time I want a video card I plan to get a DX "Next" card anyhow). The biggest difference tech wise, for me, was that the GT has 16 pipelines, while the X800 Pro has 12. I think down the road 16 pipes will make a difference in the lifetime of the card. I could be wrong, but hard to ignore this.

Both are good cards, and the X800 Pro does very well in the CS:S Beta and HL Stress Test and DX 9 games. The 6800GT does well in those tests as well, but seems to really turn things on in OpenGL games like Doom3.

Based on the the HL2 Stress Test, CS:S, and Doom3 we can see all the cards have strengths. What swayed me was thus:

While the X800 beats the 6800GT in the HL2 Stress Test, both are about 60FPS or better at 1600x1200 4XAA 8XAF. On the other hand the 6800GT edges out the X800 Pro in the CS:S Beta and really beats up on the X800 Pro in Doom 3. In Doom3 the X800 Pro just cannot keep up.

Both cards are over about 60fps in HL2 based sofware, so the extra fps the X800 has over the 6800GT is irrelevant. The 50% less performance the X800 Pro has in Doom3 was the killer, especially since it affected gameplay. It is one thing if they are both over 60fps, but the X800 Pro is closer to 30fps than 60fps. There is no ignoring this. It seems the 6800GT will give you a better overall gaming experience right now. I don't know the future, but this is how things look right now.

Doom 3 1600x1200 no-AA 8xAF
6800GT - 56fps
X800 Pro - 36.8fps

CS:S Beta 1600x1200 4xAA 8xAF
6800GT - 66.9fps
X800 Pro - 62.7fps

HL2 Stress Test 1600x1200 no-AA 8xAF
6800GT - 57.1fps
X800 Pro - 66.2fps

Doom 3 (HardOCP)
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

CS:S Beta (Firingsquad)
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

HL2 Stress Test (Firingsquad)
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

Both are good cards, but it seems the 6800GT is the better buy at the same price point. And if you can overclock to Ultra levels, then you are getting a sweet deal! Btw, I bought the 6800GT to replace my Radeon 9700 that I sold. I was debating between a 9800Pro and 6800GT. I chose the 6800GT because it gives about 2x the performance (give or take based on settings and varying games), so for 2x the money it was about equal performance for the $. Not to mention the 6800GT will be around longer, oh, and it OCed well :) 

Ps- Be careful with HL2 test stuff. The HL2 Stress test is not a game, and CS:S Beta is a beta, I think only has one level, and is a "port" of another game. HL2 itself may perform much different. Valve has stated the Radeons will do well on it; the FX cards are lame ducks (stuck in DX 8.1 unless you want to cut your performance in half). It seems the 6800 line will do well, but we will have to wait and see.
September 11, 2004 9:16:50 PM

The 6800gt you can overclock it to ultra 99%of the time.
The x800pro, you cant overclock it to xt with 16pipe. You can do a hard mod but your chances of success are slim.

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September 12, 2004 1:29:13 AM

First of all, unless you plan on overclocking that prescott P4, then northwood core would be considerably faster at the stock 3.0 speed (I looked at the same options with my sytem)

As far as the video cards go, its pretty simple. If you play a lot of OpenGL based games (like doom3 or COD) then go 6800GT. If you are more of an likely to play games down the road like HL2, then go with the X800. Honestly its pretty much a tossup, but my nod is with the X800 since i think D3 is boring as hell.

Dual channel memory doesnt really make a *huge* difference. I went from single channel to dual channel and didnt notice any difference in any game i played (<=2 fps) As long as you buy matching speeds on your ram sticks, they should run in dual channel mode. So if your mobo supports it, might as well use it. Most new mobos seem to include that feature.

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September 12, 2004 2:43:43 AM

Dual channel make a big difference on a p4.

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September 12, 2004 2:43:49 AM

I'd get the 6800gt even for hl2 because the difference in fps are so slim that its much better to have card that perferm better almost everywhere else...

Look at this benchmark <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>
The 6800gt win 90% of the time agains the x800pro....and sometime by a large margin.

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September 12, 2004 5:52:40 AM


You said, "As far as the video cards go, its pretty simple. If you play a lot of OpenGL based games (like doom3 or COD) then go 6800GT. If you are more of an likely to play games down the road like HL2, then go with the X800. Honestly its pretty much a tossup, but my nod is with the X800 since i think D3 is boring as hell".

I disagree with this :)  You are allowed to have your own opinion (because I could be wrong!), but here is why I disagree. Since we are talking about the 6800GT and X800 Pro, my comments below are restrained to such.

While the X800 Pro edges out the 6800GT in the HL2 stress test, the 6800GT edges out the X800 Pro in CS:S. While neither of these are HL2, CS:S is running on the source engine and I would think it would be a closer approximation of the HL2 engine. The 6800 series does not seem to have the same weaknesses that the NV3x series has that pretty much prevent them from running in DX9 at an acceptible frame rate. I am really looking forward to HL2, and I am sure the 6800GT and X800 Pro will both run it well.

But this is not all about Doom 3 versus HL2. There are other games/engines out there.

The 6800GT beats the X800 Pro in a lot of games outside of Doom3. For example, looking at the game benchmarks from Anandtech ( <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> ) we can see that the 6800GT wins more times than not over the X800 Pro. To make a brief rundown, I looked at all the 1600x1200 benchmarks with, and without, AA/AF. An '1' means they won with AA/AF, and '2' means they won without AA/AF. All tests were done at 1600x1200 because it is more GPU dependant and a lot of people with nicer monitors can play at this resolution:

Benchmark 1 = 1600x1200 w/ aa/af
Benchmark 2 = 1600x1200 w/o aa/af

<b>6800GT won in:</b>
F1 Challenge '99-'02 (1,2), FarCry (2), Halo (one test; AF, no AA), Homeworld 2 (1,2), Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (1,2), Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide (1,2), Unreal Tournament 2004 (2), Warcraft III: Frozen Throne (1,2), Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (1,2), X2: The Threat (1,2)

<b>X800 Pro won in:</b>
FarCry (1), FF XI (one test; no AA/AF, 1024x768), Unreal Tournament 2004 (1)

The 6800GT beats the X800 Pro by a wide margin in a couple games:

Homeworld 2
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (w/ AA & AF)

This is not to mention Doom3 where the 6800GT also beats the X800 Pro by a wide margin--50%! The 6800GT is just a better card all around, not just in OpenGL, although the OpenGL numbers really do need to be considered because a lot of companies will use the Doom 3 engine. And while a lot of companies may also use the HL2 engine, the 6800GT seems to perform comparably to the X800 Pro in the Source Engine. If I had to choose between losing a few FPS, but still be over 60FPS, or lose 20FPS and be closer to 30FPS than 60FPS, I am chosing the former.

Is the X800 Pro a bad card? No!! It is an excellent card and seems to perform very well when AA/AF are running.

While both are good cards, it is not a matter of, "If you like Doom 3 get the 6800GT, if not get the X800 Pro" (not quoting you btw, just a common sentiment) because the 6800GT seems to win quite a few benchmarks in D3D also. I would have to agree with Anandtech when they said:

"For higher performance, which is a better value? Should you go with the 6800 GT or X800 Pro? Is it a choice between the 6800 Ultra and X800 XT? Well, the answer is: go with the card that gives you the best value for the games that you like.

If that's too difficult a decision to make, our data shows the 6800 GT to lead the X800 Pro in performance".


"The 6800 GT leads the X800 Pro in value more often than not. Of course, the small price difference in the market might not be much now, but honestly the GT and Pro are very comparable parts. The decision is a hard one to make. Our graphs show it, and our recommendation for the moment reflects it: when performance is on par, go with the cheaper hardware. NV40 has the added bonus of Vertex and Pixel Shader 3.0 support (already shown to help make a difference in FarCry performance) and with floating point frame buffers (which could help provide some very cool blending and HDR effects if developers support it). When everything is said and done, the 6800 GT gets our recommendation despite the close performance".

Btw, I like ATi a lot. My last card was an ATi card (Radeon 9700np) which performed very well, so I am not anti-ATi or anything. It just seems the 6800GT gives some excellent performance now and has some good features for the future. The AA performance on the X800 Pro is usually pretty good, and considering it performs as well as it does with just 12 pipelines, well, I am impressed. It will be interesting if ATi releases a 16 pipeline part to compete against the 6800GT or its sucessor.

Of course you have a right to your opinion, and you are correct that the X800 Pro is a nice card :)  Regardless,
guylov is getting a lot of info to help him make a decision.
September 12, 2004 6:47:32 AM

But for me, what makes it closer is this- Most of the games the GT wins in, are older and both cards will do well. In the new, more graphically intense games, Far Cry-HL2-Doom3, the race is pretty close. Those are the games that represent the future, which is what you are deciding on because both cards will run yesterdays and todays games well.

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September 12, 2004 7:25:57 AM

looks like a lot of attention was placed on one of your questions about the video cards. I'm not sure about image quality. from what I understand the 6800 series runs pretty hot and asks for more power.

if you're not in a hurry you might want to wait a month or two to see what happens when the drivers are further developed, especially if you are wanting the card to last a good while.

and if you're not stuck on the pentium IV, the AMD 64'S perform better at gaming

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