Laptop R and T keys not working after spilled soda?

I have a samsung laptop with a chiclet keyboard almost identical to a macbook's. Last night my 6 year old spilled some sprite on it, and now the T and R keys dont work. They arent stuck or jammed, they click down and pop up just fine, but when you try typing using them, the letters. Sometimes it will make a continuous row of R or T without me pressing anything. Ive plugged in a usb keyboard and it works fine, but is a pain to type with. I use his laptop for business so need to fix it soon, if anyone knows a way to fix the keys I would appreciate it. (also, if I were to take it to best buy or staples how long would it take to fix?)
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  1. The keyboard is usually fairly easy to remove. Do this and clean it with some rubbing alcohol. The sugar prevents the contacts from closing
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