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Can\'t copy songs from xp to ipad

I would like to take my classical music I have stored on my xp computer and Google drive and move some of it to my ipad computer. I hooked up the usb cable to the computer but it thought it was a camera and wanted to transfer the pictures to my xp. I opened itunes and looked for a command that would transfer music into the program. Any help or advise would be appreciated.
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    Within iTunes there should be an option to "import folder(s)" under the file menu, this is where you would import your songs into Itunes so that they can be synced with the iPad. Most of the time iTunes will automatically convert your songs into a format that it prefers, this can be adjusted in the options as well. If the songs are in any windows format, they likely be converted to m4a or MP3 depending on your settings.

    So you will simply import you music, let any conversion take place that needs to be done, then go to the sync menu to move the music to you iPad once it is in the iTunes library.

    As far as I know though there is not a way to simply drag drop your files in normal circumstances, Apple likes to maintain a firm grasp how everything is done with their devices.

    Hope tat helps
  2. That is why i hate everything that has "i" prefix. Everything is copy righted and unless you buy it directly from itunes or whatever store you are very limited.
  3. To avoid that hassle....many 3rd party softwares are may google stating "transfer songs to ipod"
    Ive been using this for a while now and its awesome....
    www#copytrans#net(replace # with .) you can check if it sails you boat :)
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