Builded a new PC but have some very odd trouble!

Ok, I've been building a new PC this past week, and let me tell you, it costed me a small fortune... the specs are:
P4 3.0 Ghz 800FSB HTT
MSI 875P Mainboard
MSI GeforceFX 5900 Ultra 256Mb
Western Digital 250GB SATA 8mb Cache
Sunbeam transparant casing
4x Sunbeam fans (2 of which are pyramid controlled)
1 Gb (2x512) Apacer DDR 400
PSU 460W

Now, I keep having the following trouble:
a) the noise of one of my component fans is simply to much! It's like sitting next to a vacuum cleaner! Does anyone have an idea which of my component fans may be the culprit? If so, can you also advice me which fan I should install on it? Please note, the sunbeam fans work excellent, low noise and stuff like that, but I THINK the CPU fan is the bad guy, dunno though...

2) My system is SATA driven by my WD HD (figures), now I'm not saying that it is constantly so, but sometimes strange things happen, either the system suddenly hangs all of the sudden or it simply reboots on it's own. Is it a faulty Hard Drive or is my CPU toast?

If anyone can help me out with these issues, I'd be gratefull.

Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
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  1. sounds like a memory issue to me, try a different brand or try at least removing 1 stick of what you have and see what happens, could also be a problem with the timings in the bios?

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  2. I don't THINK that it is my memory since I tried them in another comp and they worked fine there. Never had these kind of trouble before with my PCs, never... oh well guess it had to happen to me sometime.

    Still what's that I hear about Geforce FX 5900 cards gone bad? I own one and that one might be the bad guy, can anyone give me some advice on this issue please?

    Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
  3. Probably a silly question considering the price you've probably paid on the system, but could it be the PSU fans?

    I had a budget PSU that sounded like a jet engine! My wife was always complaining about it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it failed intermittently (just wouldn't turn on or rebooted the computer) and eventually failed and took my BIOS with it.

    Got a Q-tec dual fan unit now, and it's so quiet! I have to check every now and again to see if there is air coming out of teh back!

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  4. Well, the PSU seems to work normal, well to me it does. It's a 460 Watt PSU with 3 fans. Air blown from it is cool so no overheating there that I am aware of. Anyways, I'll call my supplier first thing tomorrow to hear his version about this problem. I did have some dropouts of games also and while I'm not completely sure the in-game trouble seem to radiate from my graphics card. Have to admit that I haven't heard a lot of good things about the Geforce 5900FX. Think I'll RAM that one back and see what my system does with a new card.

    Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
  5. All the trouble I had with the comp are over now. Turned out it was my graphics card drivers that were not that good for a FX 5900. All fixed now and comp is running like a dream. Thanks for all the input guys!

    Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
  6. take a piece of rubber hose and put one end to your ear and the other end close to each fan motor. The bad fan will be louder.........

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  7. I recently put together a PC with the same sorta spec. Unfortunately it seems that the intel 3ghz 800fsb is overheating - before anyone trys to tell me i am wrong, i have checked all other possibilities and after testing with another chip and pc it is definately the cpu. My pc has more cooling than the arctic including a fat heatsink and fan on the cpu (hence the reason that is hasnt blown up yet!) Could it be that the reason your system is hanging is because of the cpu overheating. I am not saying that it is but it may be worth checking the temps in the bios.

    I also run a western digital 250 gb and i have no probs so it is unlikely to be that.


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