What resolution do u guys play on?

I play new games like madden 2k3, unreal2003, Morrowind etc at 800x600x32bbp with all high settings and all games seem to run very very smooth but when i play at 1024x768 its a little slower. is it oudated to play at 800x600?

KT3 Ultra 2200+
256mn ddr266
Radeon 8500LE
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  1. Depends on your monitor size.

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  2. I play at 1024x768 on a GF2 MX400, but thats as high as my monitor can go. Anyway my family complain about the icons being too small already, any larger and they wouldnt be able to see them!! I get pretty good fps at this rate aswell.

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  3. Yeah, a lot depends on your monitor.

    I play at 1024x768x16. I don't think there's a card out right now( barring the 9700, but I've not looked at game benchmarks on it) that can do 32bits and hold a playable framerate with newer games.

    800x600 is good if you're wanting 32bit color. Yes, there is a visual difference.

    Me? I'd rather have 1024x768x16, just because I get that much more viewable on my monitor. 1024 is about the limit for a 17", 1280 for a 19", and 1600 for a 21".

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  4. mostly 1024x768x32 but on some games i get away with 1280x1024x32

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  5. Quote:

    I play at 1024x768 on a GF2 MX400, but thats as high as my monitor can go. Anyway my family complain about the icons being too small already

    You can easily game at higher res but keep your desktop at 800x600 or whatever your family prefers. I actually keep my desktop at 1280x1024 but usually game at 1024x762. 19" monitor, btw, I agree size of your monitor matters a lot when deciding which res to use.

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  6. 1024x768x32bit (UT 2003)
    Runs like a champ even when serving a lan game. Could go higher but that's pushing things with everything on. Older games 1600x1200x32bit all the eye-candy on, no hit in speed even when serving.
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  7. I play at 800x600 mostly, what should I play on? I have a Radeon 9700 with a p4, my 3dmark score is about an 11,300 but it seems to get low scores on fps tests for some odd reason. When I run max payne at higher resolutions, or medieval total war, it gets really choppy/jerky.
  8. You should have no problems running at nearly any of the settings. How much RAM do you have? Think about adding some more if you have less than 512mb and are running WIN XP. In Max Payne turn off the trilinear filtering and the anti-alising (never can remember out to spell that) as it doesn't really add anything and just doesn't seem to work right. Haven't played Medieval total war yet, is it any good? Make sure you don't have to much running in the backround and goto www.guru3d.com and update your drivers for the card. You should be able to run 1600x1200x16 for anything that's been out for a while. Knock that down a couple when you switch to 32bit textures and the more advanced filters and effects. I would say nothing lower than 1024x768x32 with everything turn on.
  9. 800x600 most of the time.

    Baldurs Gate series of RPG's look crap when run higher.
    Shoot-em-ups dont have high enough framerates for me at 1024x768 cauz ive only got a geforce2pro.

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  10. 1024 x 768 on 16 Bit usually. And then I go down, depending if the game runs well.
  11. Yeah, a whole lot of stuff depends on the game engine.

    The pure quake3 engine isn't nearly as cpu intensive. But when you loadup Medal of Honor, that changes over.

    On that GF2-pro, I'd bet if you have the processor for it (figure, close to 1ghz), you can play at 1024x768x16, with all the options dialed down. You can probably get away with 900mhz, if you turn off eax.

    Eax chews up processor cycles like it was candy on Hallowe'en...

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  12. I have an Athlon 1200 with a Geforce 2 Pro 64MB and I run Medal of Honor at 800X600, 32 bit, with most of the details maxed out (a few, such as effects were down a bit), non EAX. It seems to run pretty well to me. However, I don't have any FPS numbers. I even tried it with anisotropic filtering on, but that seemed to get choppy in places.
  13. My system can handle 1280 X 720 but the rez is too low so I keep it at 1024 X 768 that's my minimum cuz I'm already at 85Hz.

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    Running a noname GeForce 2MX400 64MB.

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    Besides I've got LINUX 8.0 Pro on a partition. Hope that helped.

    Another thing to check out is www.madonion.com I believe I've seen a survey on the site of how much of a %age people are still running under your resolution. Worth a look if you're so interested.

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  14. I've always played at 32bit...I have XP1800 before and now XP2200, played 32bit on both CPUs. I had R8500 64mb. I did have 768 PC2100 DDR RAM, I know it somehow helps.

    Games I played are Half-Life, Q3A, UT2003, WC3, Asheron's Call 2, etc. @ 1024x768 on my 17" and now all of those on 1280x1024. Performance is just right, no hard slowdowns.

    Monitor's were KDS 17" and now Sony CPD-G410R. I love 32bit, there is a difference...hehe
  15. 1280x1024x32 max everything on a G4 4200and 19" Viewsonic A90@85hz.

    This includes Giants ,UT 2003, Diablo2 (800x600 maxx everything, highest it supports)Army OPs etc. All on a P3 with very good framerates.

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  16. max everything? like FSAA and Aniso? when I play I max out the game's settings but leave the ATI Control Panel settings at Default or Balanced setting. My 8500 is kinda getting old but my AXP 2200+ should be able to do the work I ask for some more months. Btw my R8500 is 250 MHz on memory and engine clock, is this for LE version? I hope it is coz I get a lower 3DMark score than most nonLE R8500 versions. I get 7500+ on 1024x768x32 and 6000+ on 1280x1024x32.
  17. that's funny. I did another benchmark just now for 1024x768x32 and I got 8200+ 3DMarks when I had 7500+ before. Although I had an older Catalyst driver for that and a 15" LCD Monitor. Does a monitor affect 3DMark scores?
  18. i play my games 1024*768 morrowind runs smoothly

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