Acer notebook locked forgot admin password

What is a easy simple way of resetting password for my acer aspire one notebook. I forgot the admin password and can't do anything on it.
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  1. Buy a new hard drive, install it in the notebook and install windows fresh on it.
  2. If it's just the admin password for Windows that is locked, no need to get a new hard drive. Just reinstall Windows.

    Your laptop has an OEM copy of Windows, so you would need the reinstall disks that came with your computer for this. If you don't have it call Acer. They should be able to sell you a set for cheap.

    After setting up Windows again, make sure to make a password reset disk.
  3. Even easier, download falcon 4.5 boot disk(if you have access to another computer) there are several ways to change the password, boot to mini xp and use the password changing utility there, or from the boot screen just use kon-boot and you will get right in, add another user account that is admin and log in on that one to erase your password on the other account. I work at a rental company and that is about the best utility I have found for taking care of this problem.
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