Best 3d gaming laptop with beats audio under 70000

Plz help me out and I want that the laptop should not be outdated in the next 3 years or so and should play all 3d games smoothly and graphics should be nvidia only :hello:
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  1. 70,000 what? Dollars? Pounds? Euros? Rupees?

    How large does the laptop need to be? 15"? 17"?
  2. 70000 rupees max
    15" would be perfect I guess but should be 3d screen and hd
    Also the audio has to be beats audio or skullcandy with nvidia
    Graphics 1gb
    Should play all the games 3d like cricis cod etc
    And should not be outdated in next 3 years or so
    Processor not less than i5 :D
  3. Unfortunately this is the best I could find:

    It does not mention having m-sata,and does not have a 3D screen.

    But it does have a Core i7, and a full-HD screen, along with Beats Audio.

    Good luck,
  4. And if my budjet goes to 75000 rupees then????
  5. Laptops with 3D monitors will most likely start at 100,000 Rupees
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