Toshiba A200 Booting Up Problem

My laptitp will not connect to the internet because it says that it is missing a network adapter and the driver. what can I do . I have another toshiba that I can use until I fix this one. please help.
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    Well, you're going to need to know the full product name. But go onto the Toshiba website, go to the Drivers section, select your laptop. Download the driver for the Network adapter. Then copy it over to the other Toshiba and install the driver.
  2. Thanks hpfreak for the info. But I have more problems than just not having a driver for my network adapter. Now it seems that I bought this other toshiba satelitte 670D series from an online Bid company but it came without an operating system. It was on there but it is not now, I tried everthing, so I called toshiba support and they verified that they sold the laptop with the os, so they are sending me a new recovery disc for free, I just pay shipping and handling. Wish me luck.
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