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New Laptop, need feedback

Hallo, I am looking for a new laptop for school work(no gaming or gfx work, mostly CPU heavy work). What i am looking for would be something like:

CPU: Intel fanboy, sorry, so a ivy(HD4000) i5 would be nice ;)

RAM: 8Gb.

Budget: Hard to set a number in usd, since i dont buy from there, but my guess would be around 1100$.

Size and screen resolution: I think a 15,6" is to huge, and i would like something like 13.5 to 15", and regarding resolution, the bigger the better :)

Battery life: Not that important to me, anything above 3 hours of web browsing will do.

Storage: 120Gb of SSD, i would like to be able to add a HDD(250 Gb) as well to the laptop, maybe in the optical bay?

Optical drive: none, don't need that *** ;)

Brands: Acer i would like to avoid as i feel like they are poorly build, but i might be wrong. Mostly i would just like a solid build laptop.

Country: Denmark

I was looking at the ThinkPad L430, for my case(4Gb, 500Gd HDD version) and i would add another 4Gb of RAM, and replace the harddrive with an sdd :)

Sorry for my bad gramma
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    See if you can get a Lenovo Y480. You really want a 4 core i7 if you need serious CPU performance.
  2. Mostly running matlab simulations in simulink, even tho i supports more the one core, some simulations can't run in parallel, since the next "step" dependent on previous results... so i am not sure the added price of an i7 is worth it?
  3. I've never seen a laptop below 15" that has 2 hard drive bays. If you want that capability, you're going to need to get a bigger laptop.
  4. Actually, I know Lenovo makes one, but i am just not sure if it fits in the L430, as the Lenovo homepage seems to be a little out of data regarding the compatibility.

  5. As stated in plain site on Lenovo's link:

    The ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III is supported in the following ThinkPad systems: R400, R500, T400, T400s, T410, T410s, T500, T510, W500, W510, W700, and W701. Using the optional ThinkPad X200 Ultrabase (43R8781), the ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III is also supported with the following ThinkPad systems: X200, X200s, X200 Tablet, X201, X201s, and X201 Tablet.
  6. ye, i read it, just hope that i might find one for l430, or that some other brand makes something like this :=
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