Drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650?

Im sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have an HP dv6t 3000 or something, it has Intel HD and the ATI Mobility 5650 dedicated card. Intel HD is crap as we all know, so when I tried playing Cod4 using the ATI card I lagged like crazy. Even though I remember I could play Mafia 2 maxed out and other games such as FSX, Minecraft, Sims 3, and even Battlefield 3 on High.

Now however after I re-installed windows I have old drivers which I think is the problem, when I go the ATI website and try and download the drivers it says my system is incompatible, I have even tried auto detecting and it still says incompatible. Anyone have any ideas of what I can do?
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  1. Altiris, You're are going to want to go to the company website that designed the laptop itself (they will also host drivers on their website). Often times the manufacturer will modify parts like the Graphics cards, and you'll need modified drivers as well.
  2. You need to go to HP's website because sometimes brand name laptop will only work with their own custom drivers. In your case it's HP's drivers.

    You can go to AMD's website and use their generic drivers, but it may not work if your laptop's HD 5650 will only work with HP's custom drivers.
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