Is this laptop good for medium/ high quality gaming?


Which laptop is better for gaming?
I don't mind about the hard drive as i have a 1tb one here, which is better though?


i cant find much difference and would appreciate the help. And btw the 1st actually has an i5 2450 and a 1080p screen, so therefore the only difference apart from design is the 1st has i5 2450m and gt635m, whereas the 2nd has i5 3210m and gt630m

Is the difference worth a £100?
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  1. GT630M can do medium.
    is worth more because its ultrbook and got more modern CPU and it looks nicer.
    i wouldnt worry about the GPU difference.
    Do you need an ultrabook?
  2. neither of them are ultrabooks, in my opinion ultrabooks look nice but are kind of overpriced, you're paying mainly for the design and mobility, like with a macbook, they also rarely have dedicated graphics cards.
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