Dell XPS M1210 screen turns off when charger is plugged in

Got a dilemma here guys. I've got a Dell XPS M1210. Not sure when this started, but when I plug in the charger, the screen turns completely off. Doesn't dim, but goes blank. However the laptop is still on. It will do this at any given time. If the charger is plugged in and I turn it on, screen won't come on. I've tried hooking it to a external monitor to see if it'd do the same thing and it did, killed the picture on the external as well. Have tried different chargers. What could be the issue here?
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  1. Try looking at Power Options. Try picking a different power plan and see if that makes a difference.
  2. It does it even at BIOS POST. If I turn it on then immediately plug in the charger, then blank.
  3. I figured it out guys. Thanks.
  4. hi me too getting same problem in hp laptop.. pls tel me what to do
  5. quickbird144 said:
    I figured it out guys. Thanks.

    Hi - how did you resolve the issue in the end? My machine is still suffering with the same problem!

  6. It turned out to be the DC jack
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