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I'm running a new machine with a MSI K8N NEO Platinum and an AMD64-3200+ and Corsair ValueSelect 512mb x2 DDR400.
My video card is an old Asus AGP-V7700 GeForce2 GTS from my old computer. I've installed the latest drivers, set the BIOS to auto and everything and it all seems ok but I'm occasionally getting some weird video artifacts and system instability when showing visualizations in WMP.

Am I just screwed with this card, or is there something I can do with the BIOS to improve the stability?

I *do* plan on upgrading the video card very soon.. I'm open to suggestions in the $100-$200 range.

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  1. Sorry, don't know what to say about the artifacts...but a 9800Pro is your best bet if you replace it very soon. If you can wait for the AGP 6600GT and X700Pro/XT, I'd recommend that, but nobody knows when (or even if) those will come in AGP variants.

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  2. Same as above, not sure about the artifacts.

    I've always been an Nvidia fan, however, I have to agree with Vapor for the upper end of your budget ($200) the 9800 Pro is your best bet, for the lower end ($130 or so) 9600XT. However the 9800 Pro would be the best choice.

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  3. Yeah, BB has it for $200 and it's online for around the same.
    What's the difference between the RX9800PR), the SE, the XT, etc, etc??

    Also, what if I upped my budget to $250 or something? I don't want to buy these rediculous $450+ crazy cards, but I don't want to waste my money on a card that'll be outdated in 3 months.

  4. nvideo 6800 is current king, correct?
    What about this card?
  5. Quote:
    nvideo 6800 is current king, correct?

    No, the plain GF6800 is king of two things... and jack just left town.

    The GF6800UltraExtreme and the X800XTPlatinumEdition are the two kings.

    Even for the $200 segment that's alot more money for not much more card nowadays. Especially since it's a Refurb. If you had time then I'd say wait for the GF6600GT and X700XT cards to come in AGP format. But if you are pressed for time, then the GF6800 will tide you over, but you will definitely regret certain aspects of it for that price.

    IF your choices are the R9800series or the GF6800, then you may be stuck with that, but don' fool yourself into thinking it's the King of anything.

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  6. I would advise against the 9800SE, the 9800xt is too expensive for what you get for the money in my opinion.
    I've got a BBA 9600xt, and from what I understand, I might've been happier with a different brand, since it shipped with 3.3ns memory.

    like grape mentioned, the 6600 and x700 series are gonna be your best bet for that price range if you can make do for now. the 6600GT is expected to release at $200 or a tad more I believe.

    check it out for yourself <A HREF="" target="_new">6600GT</A>

    in this test the 6600GT gives the 6800GT a run for it's money, not sure how either one will OC

    couldn't find any benchmarks for the x700, but here are a couple links about the x700, some talk of a release date, price and a guess on the 3Dmark2003 score <A HREF="" target="_new">x700</A> <A HREF="" target="_new">x700</A>

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  7. Benchies of the X700<b>PRO</b> can be found in <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS THREAD</A>, remember the X700XT will be faster and priced the same as the GT. Both will be good deals @ $200US IMO.

    And yeah I should've mentioned to him, "stay away from anything SE (even the X800SE or possible GF6800SE [seen an LE but no SE]), and if the R9800Pro is a choice of course one must make sure it's 256bit memory not 128bit (don't confuse with MB)".

    Also need to mention, if it says XGI, regardless of claims, it will kill your computer and ruin your family name as soon as M$ XP recognizes new hardware. :evil:

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  8. Stay away from anything labeled SE, which is frequently referred to as sh!tty edition. XTs are just above the pros, but are generally more exspenive. For lower end stuff, get a 9800 Pro, or a 9600XT if you want to save money.

    As for the 6800, its a step above the 9800 Pro, and would be a better choice, in my opinion, if your budget allows. Its not "king" but it is still a good card. I personally get 56,545 in AquaMark3, out of my plain 6800, and a 2800+ XP chip.

    As mentioned above, the 6600 series or x700 series, may be a little more affordable, but if I were to buy something right now, (as I also wouldn't want to spend $450), it would go in this order (according to budget): 6800, 9800 Pro, 9600XT.

    The 6800 would be my choice, but make sure you get some sort of warranty with that refurb card.

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  9. I thought the XT will be abt $50 more than the GT, say around ~ $250. While the PRO will be ~ to GT around $200, and the plain flavored X700 will be ~ $150 ??

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  10. That was then, <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS</A> is now. :wink:

    Really it was to be expected IMO. If there is no Ultra, then price in line with each other. Definitely makes the market a bloodbath, and XGI and the rest have no chance of getting anywhere near these two guys, heck the X700pro alone could probably kick all of the other company's top products, especially the XGI V8 Juice. The GF6600GT and X700XT will simply make their top end, less than mid-line.

    Crushing blow I'm sure.

    Anywhoo, I'm outtie! Off to maybe watch Sky Cap'n, but I'd prefer 'Shawn of the Dead' (or is it Shaun?) if it's previewing here in Calgary!

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