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Can anyone recommend a cool-running (preferably no fan) AGP 4x graphics card that I can use in a server application? I've currently got an nVidia Geoforce 256 card installed but, due the case orientation (it's a tower) the card is installed with the processor and fan facing downwards, or it was until the plastic retaining posts worked loose and the fan began to fall off!

I generally run the server in headless mode but occasionally fire up X on it, and will be using VNC as well, which is why I don't just stick a really old card in it.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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  1. A Radeon 7000 may be a good choice. They're passively cooled, well supported, and some have VGA, DVI, and video out. On top of that, the 7000 can be found for 30 bucks.

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