Which is a better laptop for gaming? quick help needed!

they are both asus.

laptop 1:
processor: i5 2450m (2.5ghz) 6MB cache
graphics card: nvidia gt635 (2gb)
hard drive: 640gb 5400rpm

laptop 2:
processor: i5 3210m (2.5ghz) 3MB cache
graphics card: nvidia gt630m (2gb)
hard drive: 750GB 5400rpm

i don't care for the hard drive, however laptop 2 does have a backlit keyboard which is cool, so the only differences are the processors, graphic cards and cache size, could you give me a detailed answer to which is better in each/ by how much and an overall judgement?

laptop 1 is £100 cheaper than laptop 2 also. cheers :)
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  1. Graphics card on the first one is better. Go with Laptop 1.
  2. i would go with the gt630m because its cheaper and there wont be much difference between the graphics cards but the processor is much better, ive got a 2gb gt630 and an i5 3210m and it can run games llike bf3 on medium to high settings
  3. definaetly latop 1 without a doubt
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