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MB: 9VJL3, CPU: Intel Celeron 2.7GHz, Gfx: GeForce 4 MX440.
Just got a new motherboard & processor, using old G4 card, clean reformat & XP install. With GeForce drivers installed, computer runs fine for about 30 minutes and then graphics get glitchy and it reboots itself, then video & system bios have yellow vertical lines or dots and tons of artifacts and misplaced letters. Any ideas?? Only reason I'm on it at the moment is because I'm using standard VGA drivers. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Also, after reboot, it won't load windows. Gets to logo screen (sometimes) then gives me the BSOD with either a page fault message or no message at all.
  2. Hi,
    Do you have <b>all of your motherboard chipset drivers</b> installed?(not the ones from the windows CD)

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  3. Yes, I have the drivers installed. Looked on the Chaintech site for updates for it, but only found the VIA Service Pack 2 for my board.
  4. If you have the option, try to borrow an AGP card from a friend. Usually when you get lines and misplaced artifacts, it means the card is dying. If you are overclocking it, try lowering it to stock speed. Also, it could be that the heatsink/fan is dying causing it to overheat. Take off your side panel, and turn on the comp. See if the fan is spinning.If its still under warranty, try to RMA it. I did it with my GeForce4 Ti4200, and got a better one than I sent in. :)
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