Msata or more memory

I just received a new laptop, the Lenovo T530. It has the i5 3320 processor with 4Gb ram and a 500gb 5400rpm drive.

I was wondering what would be better to add right now. Another 8gb of memory or the mSATA SSD 32GB Samsung Cache? They are both around $70 so just wondering about the most bang for the buck.

I am leaning towards the 32Gb cache, but I don't know how effective it is.

I am an IT administrator and perform functions such as remote server administration, Sql database queries, Some Visual studio programming and I also run VMware workstation and Virtual box. I use GNS3 quite a bit as well.

I plan to eventually upgrade it to 16Gb of ram due to the VM's, so just looking for what to do first.

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  1. I would go for the mSata SSD then get more RAM later, but keep in mind that you should have atleast 8GB of RAM for your kind of work. (My opinion)
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