Has my laptop crashed?


Today when I got on my laptop everything was fine. Logging in was normal until I noticed that my icon's on my desktop on my screen were not showing up. I tried to click the right button of my mouse but it was not working. A few seconds afterwards a message showed up saying that internet explorer was not working. I clicked on the link saying to restore it but nothing happened. I can't go into "start" to go see if I have any viruses.
Last night everything was going normal until today.

Do you have any idea on what I can do to help this problem?

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  1. Can you try to press F8 when the computer boots up and select start up repair or system restore?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  2. I can't :/
    When I did, nothing happened.
  3. When you get to the desktop, press ctrl+alt+delete --> open the task manager --> file --> new task --> explorer.exe --> your icons and taskbar should reappear.
  4. Thank you :)
    It worked!

    But now I keep getting pop ups stating that my apps are not working :/
  5. All of apps, or certain ones?

    You can try using the restore points, to roll back to before the problem started.
  6. It's been varying every time I try to reset my laptop.

    I'm sure it's all of them though.

    But two of them that always appear are HP Advisor and Windows Explorer.
  7. The restore points are probably the quickest, most likely to work method.

    You can also check the event viewer, to see if it's logging any errors. It likely is. We could try diagnosing the errors, and fix each one.

    You may also have a junked up registry. You can download ccleaner, and run the registry tool. You may need to run it several times to fix all the issues.
  8. I ran it and I discovered many files that were the problem. Thank you (:
  9. Good to hear. Thanks for the update.
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