Is NVIDIA EVGA e-GeForce2 MX-400 worth it?

Please help. I have only 3 more hours to go on this card. I am in a bidding war with someone else currently at $30. How much should I be willing to pay for this card used? I notice it has a 256bit processor but is it worth $35? Or should I just wait for a 9550 to go down in price? Thanks.

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  1. go with 9550....MX 400 is not anything that you could brag about in the least, IMHO.

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  2. go for 9550 it is much better graphics card than geforce has DX9 support and it can be comparable to geforce fx5500 ...infact it beats fx5500 in benchmarks....check out this link

    don't buy geforce 2 coz u won't be able to paly games which require pixel or vertex shader hardware support (like prince of persia:sands of time,beyond good and evil and many more ...)
    if u don't have money tp buy 9550 wait for prices to come down...geforce 6600 cards can also be good buy ...but i don't know which price range they r placed or when r they going to b available...!!!

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  3. Oh my god, do not buy that card if you want to play any games at all.

    The best gaming cards for supercheap on ebay are the Geforce3's. Any geforce3 should go between $20-$30 bucks, and will absolutely destroy any Geforce2 MX or Geforce4 MX.
    They're about as good as a Radeon 9000 PRO or Radeon 9200.

    If you can afford the $60 or so bucks though, the Radeon 9550 (NOT SE VERSION) is a really great card for the price, and is the cheapest card with DirectX 9 fast enough to actually run DirectX 9 games (although overclocking it is pretty much a necessity).

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  4. What Cleeve said...

    But also, a GF2 MX400 cannot be more that $35 with free shipping at Newegg... New!

    I currently have that card on my 3rd LAN gaming computer, and it gets by... I am able to get a 3rd person playing FarCry with that card, but at 600x800 with everything turned off...

    There was a member here willing to sell his GF3 for $30....

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  5. Dude, I paid no more than 30$<b>CDN</b> for a normal GeForce2 MX, which the <b>only</b> difference between them is Core Clock Speed.
  6. Thanks for all the input. I think I'll go with the 9550.

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  7. If you rarely play games and you play games like war3,UT2004,..(which don't need pixel shader) the GF2MX400 is fast enough. I currently have a Geforce2MX400 and play war3,... on it. But,don't spend more than 20$ on that.
  8. For $35, you could buy a brand new faster card(GF4MX440) if you shop around. Or a much faster refurb even. For instance, Crucial had refurb Radeon 8500Le 128MB'ers for $35, and Radeon 7500 64MB for $20. Both currently out of stock, but much better deals than a used GF2MX off ebay. Also, Newegg has had GF4 Ti4200 refurbs for as low as $52, although that is rare lately.

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  9. Ebay is for SSssssssssssssssssuckers, hehe. I made a bunch of money there.

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  10. Been almost a couple years since I seriously shopped for hardware there. Unfortunately, I spent more than I made. :frown: I would be leary about buying an As IS used card off anyone on ebay though.

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